Public Mental Health

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Workshop Schedule

Serial NoDateTimeTitle of WorkshopFacilitatorsVenue
1.3rd March
2022 Thursday
9:30am-11:00amWhat works for distressed children and teens Dr. Nargis Asad, Dr. Tania
Nadeem, Dr. Fawad Suleman
and Ms. Maria Moochala
Online – Zoom
Psychiatry Department , KEMU
2.3rd March, 2022
9:30am – 11:00amEmergency Psychiatry in the Forensic Setting: The experience of Punjab Institute of Mental HealthProf. Dr. Tariq Hassan, Prof. Dr. Ali Madeeh Hashmi, Prof. Dr. Altaf Qadri, Ms. Syeda Fatima HasnainPunjab Institute of Mental Health, Lahore
3.  4th March, 2022
9:30am -12:00pmProfessionalism & Ethics in Clinical PracticeProf Nazish Imran, Prof Imran Ijaz Haider & Dr Irum AamerClinical Psychology Department,
Punjab University, Lahore
4.8th March, 2022
9:30am -12:00pmWorkshop on ECT - Role in PsychiatryDr Sumaria QamberKhalida Rashed Institute of Mental Health, Guleb Devi Hospital, Lahore
5.8th March, 2022
9:30am -12:00pmPositive Parenting and Mental Health of ChildrenMrs Najma BadarFountain House
6.8th March, 2022
9:30am -12:00pmChallenges to optimal use of social media in Professional psychological practiceProf Nazish Imran, Prof Imran Ijaz Haider & Dr Irum AamerInstitute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore
7.8th March, 2022
9:30am -12:00pmAssessment and Treatment of Trauma Ms. Farah Tiwana Department of Psychiatry,
Lahore General Hospital, Lahore
8. 9th March, 2022
9:30am -12:00pmMastering Presentation SkillsDr Amina AhmadDepartment of Psychiatry, 
Services Hospital, Lahore
9.9th March, 2022
9:30am -12:00pmEmotions Regulations in Clinical Practice.Dr. Iram Zehra BokhareyDepartment of Psychiatry, 
Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Hospital, Lahore
10.9th March, 2022
9:30am -12:00pmDialectical Behaviour Therapy: As an Emotional Focus ModelDr. Mirrat Gul ButtDepartment of Psychiatry,
Jinnah Hospital, Lahore
11.10th March, 2022
9:30am -12:00pmBreaking Screen Addiction in kids and teenagers – Practical tips for parents, teachers and DoctorsDr Muhamad ZeeshanDepartment of Psychiatry, Fatima
Memorial Hospital
12.10th March, 2022
1:00pm -5:00pm Genetics Dr Thomas G SchulzeFountain House, Lahore
13.10th March, 2022
9:30am -12:00pmFiaz, love and Hazards of LoveDr Nadeem A BajawaDepartment of Psychology, GCU, Lahore
14.10th March, 2022
9:30am -12:00pmWomen’s Mental Health in the Pakistani CommunityDr. Irum Siddique, Ms. Samreen AfzalLahore college University, Lahore
15.10th March, 2022
9:30am -12:00pmThe ABC’s of Culturally Informed Trauma CareDr. Nargis Asad, Dr. Tania Nadeem, Dr. Rabeeka AftabBeaconhouse National University, Lahore
16.10th March,
9:30am -12:00pmNeurodevelopmental Disorder in Adults -
Assessment and treatment
Prof Dr Muhammad AyubDepartment of Psychiatry
King Edward Medical University, Lahore
17.12th March, 2022
11:30am -12:30pmSuicidal behaviours: Role of academic medical centres.Dr. Murad Khan, Dr. Nargis Asad, Dr.Tania Nadeem, Aisha Noor, Yusuf MuhammadNishat Hotel, Lahore
18.12th March, 2022
9:00am – 11:00amChallenges of a young psychiatrist in practice: Training after trainingProf Brig ® Mowadat Husaain Rana, Dr. Raja Adnan Ahmad, Dr. Usama Bin ZubairNishat Hotel, Lahore
19.12th March,
2022 Saturday
Creating a centre for Global Health
Research and Development in LMICWhy and How?
Prof.Dr. Asad Tamizuddin
Nizami & Team
Nishat Hotel, Lahore

11 – 13 March, 2022
Lahore, Pakistan